Save my Heart

As I lay under the stars. Thoughts  engulfed by worries, life is about to change. I have had to many heartaches. Now it was time for me to become the women I was raised to be. I have the strength and faith in myself. Time to take care of myself. I will save my heart, put up walls. Until I am ready to give it to someone who deserves it. Prove that they will handle with care. 

Last Page

My fingers caress the page, remebering the last chapters. Tears escape, always full of emotion. I knew when I turned to the next page. The next chapter. The last chapter. There has to be happily ever after for this character . 


​Am I good enough?  A silent yes rings in my ear, I feel so much. To much, at times. Unbearable. My heart wants to strengthen with knowing I am who I am. Bring all the good to the edges of my heart, block out all the negative thoughts and feelings

Wide Open

​You climb mountians in life, repeatedly. It makes you stronger each time. You appreciate more beauty around. Your heart puts up walls with each step but softens at the same time. For those around climbing their mountains.