Going thru this thing called LIFE




In the past year, I have been going thru life. Hard. Emotions, are crazy. Yes, Life sucks and I am trying my best to become ME again. I am not quite their. I really believe my next step is to really shin in life like I am suppose to. No, not spot light shine. I don’t care for the spotlight. I am talking about my soul, my voice. Make a difference someway, somewhere. To be unforgettable! Leave a mark in others hearts! I have a plan to start my next chapter and I am so excited but scared at the same time. I am doing this for my soul, to let it heal. A new approach in life. For ME.

But lately….

I haven’t felt that good about myself. I have let my depression control ever aspect of my life. I have found it extremely hard to overcome it, this time. It has been a constant dark cloud over my head. I have felt like I have disappointed myself and others. It has been  really sitting on my chest. Heavy!

But.. I have to stay FOCUSED!


Save my Heart

As I lay under the stars. Thoughts  engulfed by worries, life is about to change. I have had to many heartaches. Now it was time for me to become the women I was raised to be. I have the strength and faith in myself. Time to take care of myself. I will save my heart, put up walls. Until I am ready to give it to someone who deserves it. Prove that they will handle with care. 


​Am I good enough?  A silent yes rings in my ear, I feel so much. To much, at times. Unbearable. My heart wants to strengthen with knowing I am who I am. Bring all the good to the edges of my heart, block out all the negative thoughts and feelings